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First completely BLACK owned music STREAMING SERVICE where you will be getting the world of music at your fingertips. Artists can LICENSE, CREATE, and INSPIRE all kinds of MUSIC. This streaming service is also a MARKETPLACE for artists to generate INCOME like never before. We have created a way for artists to make MORE MONEY while their fans PAY LESS.

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Simple 6 tips to Success
Upload Music
Upload your entire catalog of music and be eligible for exclusive awards.

Revolutionary streaming payout points system - where you generate 4.9 cents per like

Where your hustle will pay off

Where great talent can be recognized

And where artists become entrepreneurs

Grow Your Following
Interact with your fans with our Timeline. The More Buzz the more likes the more money.

Boost your post to appear on the nation timeline.

Trending score is how you get discovered.

Be sure to let an artist know if you want a feature from them by ringing their bell

Purchase Licensing
Get inspired to create hits with royalty free licensing to improve your portfolio.

licenses allows you to use a wide range of content within perimeters at one time cost for a period of time.

You can license beats, verses, compositions, Adlibs, poems, songs and so much more

To create and inspire movies, songs, dance moves, videos, and more.

Sell Merch and Book Shows
Sell your merchandise directly to your fans.

As your popularity grows the more you’ll get booked

Sell Licensing
You should own everything that you create.

What you inspire will be enjoyed by everyone while you are still in control of the original

Continue to monetize from your creativity by selling multiple licenses of the same content to different people.

Get Sponsored
All signed Verse Nation artist gain access to sponsorships that allow them to further their entertainment careers.
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